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  1. FlashTurtle

    The new RiftMC?

    As I know so far, the server is ready, it is just the implication of plugins that are the most difficult part, and it will grow even more as the server hits 1.13
  2. FlashTurtle


    I do! You had a happy skin, right? And really cool that you speed run Mario odyssey! Speedrunning is uBer hard
  3. FlashTurtle

    GFX GMM's Build

    Looking very very very fanCY
  4. FlashTurtle

    ay gurlll

    Oh no w h y
  5. FlashTurtle

    Hello everyone

    Hey! Anon_A_Mouse! I remember you! You were an artist last time I remember on rift. It was great seeing you and I hope to see you more once the server comes back online ( We can keep in touch in discord. [it's like the new skype])
  6. FlashTurtle

    What's the IP to the server?

    Right now, the server is going through it's last phase of reworking, so it should be out quite soon. There is no release date as of yet, but hopefully it will come out soon. The IP to this will most likely be riftmc.us, and it should stay that way.
  7. FlashTurtle

    Evening Simpletons

    Well, uh. You'll probably have a clean slate when it comes to the new rift and to be honest I think everyone should deserve one and start anew again. Really, It was a car full of diamond / emerald blocks in an unclaimed spot that I would put ( We had a villager farm in 1.8 with custom drops )...
  8. FlashTurtle

    you guys remember TheCosmicFox? hi thats me

    It may be a dead chat, but we are still alive somehow. Since you use discord, I'll send you the discord invite to the 2 discord channels we somehow now have, where I just @sodapoppingirl days on end. This was supposed to be a gaming forums, but somehow rift people found it after the server went...
  9. FlashTurtle

    Htgan's PC Build

    Well, Laptops are portable. I am a portable man. PoRT.. I also have parents D:
  10. FlashTurtle

    According to all known laws of aviation, I am trash.

    According to all known laws of aviation, I am trash.
  11. FlashTurtle


  12. FlashTurtle

    Excuse me do u no da wae

    I play The Way every day
  13. FlashTurtle

    Htgan's PC Build

    I actually understand 2% of this now O: so.. I went from a craptop on a box to an actual decent laptop.. running with a regular wireless mouse + a Razer Ornata Chroma Keyboard. I used to have a dell inspiron 15 ( I think 3000 or something?), but now I got myself a really cheap Leanovo Y520, and...
  14. FlashTurtle

    Evening Simpletons

    AH! I think I remember you. You may have been griefing a build Soda and I were making ( it was a derpy car made of items ). Anyways besides that point Welcome back! It's amazing to see old rift members come back and all of that kinda jazz..
  15. FlashTurtle

    Triggered BC I'm just a normie like the rest of you now. ://

    O h No JacQUI D: press F to pay respects. THank you.
  16. FlashTurtle

    Ahoi, I've just arrived to Apric🍑t Gaming

    Heya, It's nice to see your old usernames back again. In due time, I think rift will be coming back in a less-focused form kinda like 1.9. Here Is the discord link to the Apricot gaming discord btw. I'm doing well, how are you?
  17. FlashTurtle

    Plz I sorry

    Didn he eat the chicken without sharing again?
  18. FlashTurtle

    This is fine

    its the PoKeMoN YiSSS:drifloon:
  19. FlashTurtle

    Yo test thread

    nonnoonono. What Are THy Animes. I have no clue what they are.
  20. FlashTurtle

    Yo test thread

    What are thy animes?