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Evening Simpletons

Anyone remember me?
Let me ring some bells.

I remember the first time I joined RiftMC- Sorry, ApricotGaming. I believe it was something like 4th April 2014. Maybe 2015, but my memory is a little goofed. I remember back in the day before this new generation of people began to come along that ApricotGaming used to be called RiftMC. Interestingly, I was perm banned for 'griefing'- which I still don't understand as I made it very clear it was misunderstood as I at the time was not aware that there was a plugin that used cars.

I believe I joined when my name was something like EnderDragon92011 or MCMadnessYT, and I got banned under the name BaymaxHealthCare (I had been playing for a year- don't judge me). Surprisingly I wasn't expecting to be unbanned until there was a massive reset, but then got banned again by Bitch McGee Salp the cat for no reason.

Remember me yet or do I need to point to more hints?
Or am I that old?