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GFX GMM's Build

CPU: AMD FX 8350 Overclocked to @4.20GHz
GPU01: AMD RX 560 BIOs overclocked from 1300MHz to 1700MHz Memory and Core is 1000MHz
GPU02: Nvidia GT 710 Workstation Card @Stock
Case: Something Corsair not sure what model it is anymore I'm getting a new case soon.
Memory: Patriot Black 3x4 & Hynix 1x4 total 16 GiB of Memory Overclocked to 1166MHz
Motherboard: MSI 990FXA Carbon Fiber Edition, NB overclocked to 2000MHz
Storage: Samsung 830EVO 260GB, Hitachi 500GB HDD, WD Black 2TB, WD Passport 2TB, Two Toshiba 500GB HDDs in RAID 0
Power Supply: Thermaltake TC 600WATT PSU non modular
Peripherals: Razor Deathadder chroma mouse, Azio MKG1 Keyboard with Blue switches, Logitech G710+ Brown switches, XP-Pen Star03 Graphics tablet
Logitech C990 Webcam, Ubisoft STD camera, Neewer N-09 XLR Microphone with Focusrite Scarlett Solo Interface, Pre-amp Dac from Audio Technica
Operating System: Windows 10 LTSB 2016, Windows POS 2009 & Debian 9.0
Sound system: 4x Logitech 40 watt speakers, 2x soundbars from LG, 2x Logitech subwoofers, 1x Sony MDR Bass Headphones & Sony Home Theater sound system management box

Total system cost: 6000$ MSRP, Estimated cost now: 2100$

JPEG_20180427_032903.jpg JPEG_20180529_221749.jpg 5a8c9d3fb7861f6dde19910514fbaaa6.jpg
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