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Yo It's Bubby.

Do you remember me?

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Hi. It's me. BubbyTheBub, now know as ImThatOneKid. So yea. I exsist still, I guess. If you don't remember me, I was the one that was obssessed with Toy Story, and I had a female Buzz Lightyear skin.... Yea, my phase is over. Currently going into Junior year, it's been a long time. So yea. If you ever want to talk, too bad. Just kidding. You can talk to me I guess. I remember some people, but If I don't remember you, please don't take offense. So much has happened since Rift and I haven't been known for remembering names, but if you remind me, I'll remember you. Anyways I've mist y'all! Currently 14. (I skipped a grade this year) I would like it if some people would talk to me..